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Our latest home cinema and home audio installation portfolio can be found here. Click on a installation for full details and pictures.

Euro-Sports Cars

Pioneer 503 MXE Tag McLaren DVD 32 FLR (Unexposed) Tag McLaren Aphrodite Tag McLaren Calliope Tag McLaren dedicated system supports

Tilehurst Bedroom

Fujitsu 5004 (Plasma) Custom wall bracket Arcam DV 88 Plus (DVD Player) Arcam AVR 200 (Amplifier) MK VX 7 (Subwoofer) Infinity Oreous satelites Sonus support


Runco CL 700 (Short throw DLP Projector) Vutec Pro screen 8FT Tagmclaren DVD 32 FLR PSM Tagmclaren AV 32 R bp 192 (processor) Tagmclaren 100 x 5 (power amplifier) Sky Plus Tagmclaren Calliope x2 Front and rear speakers Tagmclaren Calliope x1 Bass module Front Tagmclaren Calliope Centre M&K MX350 THX Arca 100 cubes x 3… Read more »

Caesar Hotel

Imerge sound server Sherbourne 12 channel power amplifier QSC Zone mixer with paging facility 2 x Artcoustic DF 65 wall speakers 3 x Kef ceiling speakers Mid-Atlantic racking


Pioneer 503 MXE Tagmclaren DVD 32 FLR PSM Tagmclaren AV 32 R bp 192 Tagmclaren 100 x 5 MK S 150 THX x 3 (front speakers) MK MX 350 THX (subwoofer) MK CS 22 (rear speakers) Cables by Chord


Area 1 (Adojo) Pioneer 503 MXE (plasma) Living Control MRS (Multi-room controller) 4 Boston Grand Voyager (speakers) Arcam Diva (DVD player) Denon Multiplay CD player Sherbourne 8 channel power amplifier Area 2 (Kitchen + Bedrooms) Universal plasma screen with custom bracket Universal speakers attached to plasma 3 Loewe Spheros 20 LCD TV Basement Pioneer 503… Read more »


Sony VPL W 10 HT Vutec 8ft screen Denon AV amplifier Bose AM 15 speakers Rel Storm subwoofer


Proceed PMDT Proceed AVP Krell 250/ 3 Krell 250/ 2 Wilson Benesch (now changed to Wilson Audio Cub 11) Martin Logan Cinema Martin Logan Scenario Rel Studio Sony VPL W 10 (Changed to Runco CL 700 DLP)


Revox E 642 Plasma Motorised lift Bespoke plasma cabinet Tagmclaren DVD 32 FLR PSM Tagmcllaren AV 32 R Tagmcllaren 100 x 5 Tagmcllaren DAD/ FM tuner Bespoke cabinet with storage for DVDs JVC S VHS video Miller Kreisel SW 150 x 3 Miller Kreisel SW 95 x 2 Miller Kreisel MX 700 x 2 Lexicon… Read more »