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Our latest home cinema and home audio installation portfolio can be found here. Click on a installation for full details and pictures.

Tilehurst Bedroom

Fujitsu 5004 (Plasma) Custom wall bracket Arcam DV 88 Plus (DVD Player) Arcam AVR 200 (Amplifier) MK VX 7 (Subwoofer) Infinity Oreous satelites Sonus support


Runco CL 700 (Short throw DLP Projector) Vutec Pro screen 8FT Tagmclaren DVD 32 FLR PSM Tagmclaren AV 32 R bp 192 (processor) Tagmclaren 100 x 5 (power amplifier) Sky Plus Tagmclaren Calliope x2 Front and rear speakers Tagmclaren Calliope x1 Bass module Front Tagmclaren Calliope Centre M&K MX350 THX Arca 100 cubes x 3… Read more »

Caesar Hotel

Imerge sound server Sherbourne 12 channel power amplifier QSC Zone mixer with paging facility 2 x Artcoustic DF 65 wall speakers 3 x Kef ceiling speakers Mid-Atlantic racking


Pioneer 503 MXE Tagmclaren DVD 32 FLR PSM Tagmclaren AV 32 R bp 192 Tagmclaren 100 x 5 MK S 150 THX x 3 (front speakers) MK MX 350 THX (subwoofer) MK CS 22 (rear speakers) Cables by Chord


Area 1 (Adojo) Pioneer 503 MXE (plasma) Living Control MRS (Multi-room controller) 4 Boston Grand Voyager (speakers) Arcam Diva (DVD player) Denon Multiplay CD player Sherbourne 8 channel power amplifier Area 2 (Kitchen + Bedrooms) Universal plasma screen with custom bracket Universal speakers attached to plasma 3 Loewe Spheros 20 LCD TV Basement Pioneer 503… Read more »


Sony VPL W 10 HT Vutec 8ft screen Denon AV amplifier Bose AM 15 speakers Rel Storm subwoofer


Proceed PMDT Proceed AVP Krell 250/ 3 Krell 250/ 2 Wilson Benesch (now changed to Wilson Audio Cub 11) Martin Logan Cinema Martin Logan Scenario Rel Studio Sony VPL W 10 (Changed to Runco CL 700 DLP)


Revox E 642 Plasma Motorised lift Bespoke plasma cabinet Tagmclaren DVD 32 FLR PSM Tagmcllaren AV 32 R Tagmcllaren 100 x 5 Tagmcllaren DAD/ FM tuner Bespoke cabinet with storage for DVDs JVC S VHS video Miller Kreisel SW 150 x 3 Miller Kreisel SW 95 x 2 Miller Kreisel MX 700 x 2 Lexicon… Read more »

Decorex 2002

Revox E 642 Plasma Motorised Lift Radiator cabinet LCD 18 Display in Wenge surround Speakers in Wenge surround Computer linked to plasma