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Naim Audio DAC


DAC Digital to analogue convertor. The nature of music delivery is changing fast. CD has been joined by downloads, portable music players are part of the landscape, computers are routinely connected to hi-fi systems, and USB memory sticks are used to store high resolution music files. So the Naim DAC, their first stand-alone digital to… Read more »

Spectral Brick BR2000


Brick BR2000 Contemporary glass stand. With its no-frills design, gleaming glass surface and glass front with concealed handle. Brick has what it takes to become a design classic. The Spectral BR2000-BG-Si is one of the widest options available in the BRICK range of Cabinets. With a 2000mm width it will accommodate even the largest LCD… Read more »

Transparent Cables Reference range

From £2280

Reference range Which includes RCA, XLR and speaker cables. Reference RCA Interconnects will help you determine whether your RCA source components are keeping up with the rest of your system and provide years of listening enjoyment. SPECIFICATIONS Standard termination: RCA – RCA Lengths: . 1 meter, 1.5 meter, 2 meter, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20… Read more »

Koetsu Red K Signature


Red K Signature Moving Coil cartrdige. Every audiophile music lover knows of the legendary Sound of Koetsu phono cartridges from decades past. The Red T and Red K Signature are very similar in construction. Electrically, the Signature offers a more closely matched core and coil set. Cosmetically, the Standard is distinguished by a sloped base… Read more »

Spectral Spectral Catena

Discontinued/ Demo models available

Spectral Catena Modular cabinets. CATENA  If your home could make a wish, CATENA would surely be high up on its list. The elegant cabinets with glass surfaces will fit in perfectly in your living room or office thanks to the different cabinet heights and widths. Flatscreen mounts and concealed cable guides will take care of the… Read more »

Transparent Cables Ultra range

From £1190.00

Interconnects & speaker cables. MusicLink Ultra RCA Interconnect MusicLink Ultra RCA Interconnect transfers the richness, authority, and spaciousness of the best music sources in ways other RCA cables in the same price range do not approach. SPECIFICATIONS Standard termination: RCA – RCA RCA 1 Meter £1190.00 MusicLink Ultra Balanced Interconnect Balanced MusicLink Ultra is designed… Read more »

Transparent Cables Super range

From £664.00

Super range Interconnects & speaker cables. MusicLink Super RCA Interconnect MusicLink Super RCA Interconnect brings you another step closer to realizing the richness, authority, and spaciousness of the best music sources. SPECIFICATIONS Super Standard termination: RCA – RCA RCA 1 meter £664.00 MusicLink Super Balanced Interconnect If you have recently upgraded to high quality balanced… Read more »

Transparent Cables Plus range

From £340.00

Interconnects & speaker cables. MusicLink Plus RCA Interconnect Lauded for its performance by such experts as Martin Colloms, MusicLink Plus rejects more noise and transfers more low frequency energy than MusicLink. It reveals more of the nuances of the music. If you have recently upgraded your components to a higher level of resolution, try some… Read more »

Naim Audio Powerline


Mains cable. Power-Line Mains Cable With the launch of Naim’s first custom designed and manufactured mains cable system, the most fundamental of all audio hardware items has hit centre stage. The Power-Line consists of a mains plug, a mains cable and an IEC connector. Each element incorporates features never before seen in an audio mains… Read more »